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At Anytime Cleaning we provide flexible and simple cleaning services. We have tailored our services based on your preferences, budget, and schedule. Our service is hassle-free and worry-free-no contracts involved.

  • One-time requests: A favorite for those preparing for a house event or party.

  • Commercial & Residential Cleaning in St. Louis, Wildwood, Oakville, St. Peters, Arnold, O'Fallon, MO

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    As part of our professional cleaning approach, we can clean any of the rooms in your home, just as you wish:

    Bathroom Cleaning
    In addition to clearing out any cobwebs and dust, our service includes wipe-cleaning and sanitizing countertops, faucets, mirrors, tubs, basins, tile, showers and toilets. We finish it all off with sweeping and mopping the floor
    Bedroom Cleaning
    Our comprehensive bedroom service pays close attention to baseboards, windowsills, picture frames, furniture, mirrors, and a clean and thoroughly vacuumed carpet.
    Dining Room
    We never forget to dust any light fixtures. From there we focus on tables, chairs, furniture and the floor.
    Living Room
    Living room services include the aforementioned cleaning details, along with special focus on vacuuming under the cushions.
    Laundry Room
    We take care of wiping down the washer and drying, leaving your laundry room ready for the next use.
    Kitchen Cleaning
    The kitchen tends to be the room with the most activity, and hence is our area of special focus. We make sure the countertops and appliances are wiped down, including the inside of the microwave. We clean the stovetops, drip pans, cabinets, kitchen islands, and chairs. The floor, of course, is swept and mopped.
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    Professional Cleaning
    Our services come fully licensed and insured for total peace of mind.
    Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Our goal is to consistently provide total cleanliness every time!
    Cleaning Since 1985
    We bring over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry.

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